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Why Culinary Education?

If you are thinking about a career in culinary arts then studying in a culinary school is a must. You may be a great cook but you will never become expert learning culinary arts yourself. Farther taking up a job as a chef in a good restaurant demands a professional qualification, which comes only after attending a regular culinary school.

There are many myth surrounding culinary arts. For example people say culinary is an art and art cannot be taught. This is not true. First culinary is not just an art, its science too. You must know about the ingredients you are using while cooking. You should also have through knowledge of the contents of the ingredients or additives you use to cook food. It helps you to be an informed chef.

Another myth is that culinary education is very costly. You see, any education is costly. Culinary is not an exception. But if you compare, a Bachelor of Engineering Degree is much more costly then a diploma/degree in culinary.

One of the worst myths is that chefs live a great life - full of glamor and no work. This is not at all true. Most of a chef's time is spent in kitchen with hot oils and burning temperatures.

If you love to cook - culinary school should be your destination. It is never too early for you to think about the opportunities that will come along.......


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    Culinary Arts School

    I sometimes wonder why many people have the love for culinary arts. It seems everybody loves food and want to carve a career out of their love. Is it easy? Well, the answer is tough.

    A couple of months back I met a friend who is a software developer. He was bored with his job and wanted a career change. When asked he told me he was looking for a good culinary arts school to study culinary arts - he wanted to be a culinary artist. What amazed me was that this friend of mine is over 35 years of age.

    For most people a career in culinary is very glamorous, high paying and no work job. Its WRONG!!! These are some of the reasons why many men and women........

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Culinary Employment Prospects

Preface: Want to join the food industry? Why not know your employment prospects before you finalize your decision to study in culinary schools.

Where do you want to go? The world of Culinary Arts is one of the fastest growing fields in the United States and beyond. Where you go is up to you and how hard you are prepared to work. The same applies to how much you earn. If you decide to stay in the local area you are likely to earn between $8-$14. On the other hand, a line cook in San Francisco earns $10 to $22 per hour. A chef in fine dining restaurant or hotel can earn in excess of $100,000 per year. (Please understand it takes many years of hard work and dedication to reach this kind of salary.)

You may choose to work in any of the following.........

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